Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trail Run Fun - Part 1

Today was my Mom's (Tibby's Grandma) big 10k trail run day.  Tibby and I did lots of cheering!
The trail run is in honor of a man that died during a local triathlon. 

"What are all these people doing?"

Ready!  Set!  Go!  Run!

"Now what do we do?"

We wait for them to come back.
Tibby was fast - she got to the finish line first!

Here comes my Mom!

Go!  Mom!

Run!  Run!  Faster!  Faster!
That's my actually cheer.  I also say Go!  Go!  Go!

"Now what?"

Now the runners rehydrate and we wait for the results.

Look at all the people - big people, little people, babies, men, women, kids and strollers.

"But who won?"

You'll have to see part 2 to find out who won.  It was exciting!

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