Monday, September 26, 2011

Sola Una Cachorra

The ways that people find this blog interest me.  I check the stats regularly, some of the searches that direct people to Just A Pup are funny - 'raising gaaaaa' being the all time head scratcher.  Apparently 'raising gaaaaa' is a subject that interests a lot of people.  I hope they aren't disappointed to see Tibby and not their precious gaaaaa.

Anyway....where was I?  Oh yeah!  So I was curious to see a search for 'solo un cachorro'.  This is Just A Pup in Spanish .  Interesting.  And what, you may ask, does Cachorra mean?

"cachorro, -a 
pup, puppy (de perro); kitten (de gato); cub (de león, lobo, oso)
1. Grown whelp or puppy.
2. Cub, the young of a beast.
3. Pocket pistol.
4. A lizard.
Let's see...a grown whelp? check  The young of a beast?  sometimes, like when she is biting me! :) check  A pocket pistol? oh yeah, she can totally be a pocket pistol - zoomies anyone???  check, check, check  A lizard?  urm...suuure when she lays out in the sun on the deck check-kind of.

I love my pocket pistol!

Funny walk quote of the day from a man walking a seriously overweight pit bull (wider than it was tall), "My dog comes from old English bulldogs.  They're a really old breed of dogs."

What I thought, but didn't say, because I try to avoid talking do weird people on walks, but they all still talk to me... (what is up with that!  I. AM. NOT. FRIENDLY.)

Anyway, what I thought, "Oh really?  Your dog's breed is a few hundred years old?  Mine is 2 THOUSAND years old.  Yeah.  That really is an old breed of dog."

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