Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Day of Summer Canoe Trip - Part II

Lady of the Lake?
The 2nd half of our canoe float around a lake trip.

The lake is a hidden secret lake.  There is a public water access, but the road to the access isn't marked.  A friend of a friend told my Dad about it.  The first time he tried to get to the lake he couldn't find the water access.  He could see the lake, but couldn't get to it!  The lake is stocked with Bass and there were tons and tons of them.

"Clouds in my lake water?"
We could see the fish swimming in big schools underneath the canoe.  The water is very clear.  I could see all the way to the bottom and it was very deep. 

My Dad caught a bunch of fish, but he only kept 4 for our dinner.  They were delicious!

I was bored, so I paddled a little bit.

Tibby was doing really well, relaxing in the canoe.  The only people we saw were 2 kayakers.  She growled at them!  I don't think she knew they were people.

Just relaxing.  The weather was perfect.  Nice and cool with a little light breeze.

Just when Tibby was getting really comfortable and happy about being in the canoe, someone on shore started to set off fireworks.  In the middle of the day!  Tibby didn't like that.

She went underneath my seat.

At first she was panting and stressed about the fireworks.  After they kept going on and on, however she calmed down and fell asleep for a while.

She still wanted to stay underneath my seat.  Eventually the fireworks stopped and Tibby came out from underneath my seat.  Of course, they started up again and she went back underneath my seat.  I think she was OK though, because she fell asleep again.

Thanks for the fun day Dad!

Also, we saw this turtle.

What a nice lake!


K-Koira said...

That looks like a really fun trip to end the summer with.

jet said...

that looks awesome - maybe Tibby thought it was her lake and they shouldn't be on it? That is what Bender would do!

scotsmad said...

Tibby looks quite relaxed in the canoe.....a real water doggy.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella