Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Day of Summer Canoe Trip - Part I

What a nice way to spend the last day of summer.  I went on a canoe trip (more of a float around) with my Dad and Tibby.  It was Tibby's first time on the water.  Actually it was my first time on the water in 5years - the last time was kayaking in New Zealand.

Tibby with my Dad.

While we were waiting for my Dad to get all his fishing gear together, I tried to get Tibby used to the canoe.  She ate some treats and I explained that, "No you can't sit in my lap.  Really.  Yes, I'm 100% sure you have to sit on the bottom of the canoe.  Really!"  She had a nice soft rug to sit on, so she was fine.  Whenever she is nervous about something new or she needs a little comforting she crawls into my lap.  It's very cute, but not good for canoeing!

We got to sit in the front of the canoe.  My Dad said we were the ballast.  Nice Dad.  LOL!

"How long are we going to be out here?"

Tibby gave me the funniest faces!  I had plenty of time to snap pictures, because my Dad has an electric trolling motor on his canoe.  So no paddling necessary!  It was very relaxing. 

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