Friday, September 9, 2011

Prey Drive?

Tibby caught a vole on our walk tonight.  She was grabbing it and throwing it up in the air.  Poor thing kept squeaking, even when it was in her mouth.  As soon as I could, I squashed it and kicked it off of the road.  I can't help myself!  If I see a vole or mouse I have to squash it - even if I have flip flops on.  Anyway, I didn't want Tibby to kill it or eat it!!, she might get sick.  I think that's the 5th vole/mouse I have squashed.  It's a quick death at least.

Now Tibby has to check every mail box planting for voles.  Ever the optimist. 

Oh, yeah -  YES Tibby has prey drive!!  And she is very quiet about it too.  Focused.  Hmmm,  anyone want to make us a vole tug?

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Wyatt said...

We luvs to do that stuff....makes mom kinda sick, but we are terriers right?

Wyatt and Stanzie