Friday, September 9, 2011

Pensive Thoughts

I realized yesterday that Tibby doesn't remember how to cik/cap.  So I can re-train it.....except that Tibby hated learning cik/cap.  She hates multi-wraps.  She hates figure 8's.  It was boring and frustrating.  She wants to run!  Do I really care if she can cik/cap?  No.  Not really.  I know that we are not going to ever be agility superstars or probably ever even Q or possibly ever even enter a trial.  So do I really care if Tibby can cik/cap and cut a few seconds off of her time?  Nope.  I just want her to like doing agility with me.  So, I will not be re-training cik/cap.  If it comes, it comes. 
 Laissez-faire* agility!!

Now if only I could convice her that the tunnel is her friend.

"*pffftt who needs tunnels?"

"I would like you to go sit on the couch.  I want to snuggle in your lap.  Now."

Bossy.  Who holds the clicker in this house?  The four legged.  Yup.

*A policy of leaving things to take their own course, without interfering.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

There is nothing wrong with dropping the tight stuff and teaching Tibby that agility is all about running!! Later on once she has great drive and love for it you could always go back to tightening up her wraps. Or not!

K-Koira said...

I'm surprised she doesn't love the tunnel. My friend with Tibetans has 2-3 agility tunnels in her yard at most times, and they are part of the normal play routine with the dogs. Its a great sight to see a line of TTs streaming through one tunnel after the other in a big game of chase. Maybe Tibby just needs to visit some dogs that do that?

Catalina said...

Tibby used to LOVE the tunnel. She's had a play tunnel in the house since was a puppy and she loved it. She would go around and around running through it. She also loved it in our founadtions class. If we walked past it she would run through it on her own. I have no idea why she decided tunnels are scary. It just started at the beginning of the summer. I've tried to arrange play dates with other dogs that like tunnels, but Tibby just watches them like, "Are you crazy? That's a scary tunnel!" She'll chase them up to the tunnel and then wait at the other end for them to come out. Very frustrating :(