Saturday, September 17, 2011

Garden Grows - September

The title should be Garden Grows - THE END.  It frosted on Wed. and we had frost again last night, so the garden is very much dead.  I took these pics Wed. evening, because I had heard the forecast of frost for that night.  Very sad, because this frost was 3 weeks early!  Next week we have 80 F forecasted again!  Crazy weather.  What a short growing season we had this year.

Tibby and Catty have a new hobby.  Hunting.  They make quite the pair.  I guess the cool weather has the voles on the move.  Tibby likes to get up at 2am (and 3am, and 4am, ect.) to hunt voles in the garden. 

One last check on the tomatoes possible vole hideout.

I picked everything that I could, before the frost.  These are most of my tomatoes.  I had some more, but they wouldn't fit on the table.  Not bad for only 5 plants. *sob, sob*  Look at all the green ones! *sob*  Thankfully they seem to be ripening just fine in the house.

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