Sunday, September 4, 2011

Woof Dah, A Prize and Sleepy Crate

Tibby stayed at Woof Dah from 7:30 AM on Saturday to 7:30 PM Sunday.    As usual, she had a great time.  She was sitting on the same bench as she was last time I picked her up.  I think she was tired.  She was watching the other dogs and yawning.  So cute! 

When I dropped her off on Sat. she went right into the pack and started mingling with the other dogs.  Sniffed an Aussie's rear, checked out 2 white Standard Poodles, skirted a couple Dobermans, play bowed to a pug.   And then she went poop on the floor.  Oops!  She must have really had to go.

We finally collected 5 bark bucks.  If you pack your dog's food the right way, Woof Dah gives you a bark buck each time your dog stays for boarding.  When you collect 5 you can turn them in for a prize.  This is Tibby with her prize.  It was the only choice with pink.  Tibby likes pink toys.  The only toy she has ever actually chosen for herself was/is pink.

Yes!  I know I took a ton of pictures.  But people!  This is proof that Tibby loves well, likes a lot her crate.  It is amazing!  She chose to sleep in her crate.  All by herself!  The top is even closed.  She used to be scared of things above her head.  She went into her crate and scratched around, making a nest, and then curled up and went to sleep.  So sweet!

Somebody is tired.  What a cute little tired baby.  And Catty.  :)

Here is Tibby's report card for this visit.  She likes being outside and was tired at night.

P.S.  36 hours was $85  Yeah, Tibby is a spoiled doggie.

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Sagira said...

How cute. Sounds like a great time. :)