Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Seven Questions

Recently a few bloggers passed this 7 post challenge on to me.  I finally did it!

Most Beautiful Post: This was a hard one to choose.  At first I was going to pick a sweet one like Tibby and Catty Friends and Sisters OR L-O-V-E.  But in the end I chose Super Stinky Hiking!!!  Because when Tibby is having a good time it is the most beautiful thing to me.  No matter how stinky she was or how many creepy ticks I picked off of myself.  ewww ticks!

Most Popular Post: Well, by page views and comments the most popular post was a post from last years giveaway.  It was very popular, but only because it was a giveaway ;)
Unfortunately, the most popular posts have also been the most controversial - Tuesday Training has the most comments, Brought Home A New Dog Today has the 2nd most comments and Meet Poppy has the most page views.

My Most Controversial Post(s): I never expected to meet so many wonderful, helpful people (friends) when I started to blog.  Sadly, with the good also comes the bad.  I had to turn the commenting off on my blog for a while, because I was getting a lot of not very nice nasty comments about myself and about Tibby.  Say what you want about me, but leave Tibby alone!!  It all started with Tibby's Photo Shoot - Day 1 and Tibby's New Dresses added more fuel to the fire.  Just for future reference to all readers - I screen the comments.  If they aren't nice, I don't publish them. 

My Most Helpful Post:  Well, judging by the number of people who search for this DIY Fleece Tug must be helpful.

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: Hands down Frozen 5k 2011.  It doesn't have anything to do with Tibby, but it has a ton of page views and more comments than lots of Tibby filled posts.  My Mom is pretty popular LOL!

A Post That Didn't Get the Attention I Felt It Deserved:  I'm always surprised when anyone reads this blog, but as Tibby's Mom I think every post should be read by everyone!  I think Tibby's Graduation didn't get any attention, because when I wrote it no one was reading Tibby's blog.  There are a whole bunch of posts from when Tibby was a baby that no one read, but that's OK.  It was my version of a baby book for Tibby.

The Post I'm Most Proud Of: This was super-duper hard for me to pick.  I'm proud of Tibby.  Very.  Very.  Proud.  Of.  Tibby.  No matter what!  Even when she is 'bad'.  I was happy that we did this Packages For Pups and I hope we can do it again.  Recently I was very proud of how well behaved Tibby was at the cardiologist's office (thermometer incident aside LOL!) The Results.  I was also very proud of Tibby when we graduated from Silvia Trkman's Puppy Class.  It was a lot of work and we had fun (even though we weren't at the top of the class).  I love my best friend Tibby!  Puppy Class Graduation!

And guess what!!  This is my 400th post!  WOW!!


Sagira said...

Happy 400th post! :)

scotsmad said...

congrats on the 400th post! It's funny that some posts that you think will get lots of reaction doesn't and others that may be a 'fill in' are successful. We think it depends on who's around--not so much the posts.

Some people just feel they have the right to put others down.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella