Thursday, August 4, 2011

Safe Place

This is Tibby in her safe place.
I'm not kidding!  I was vacuuming today and when I stopped I couldn't find Tibby.  I looked every where.  Finally I found her in the tub.  Just sitting there.  Waiting.  Until it was safe to come out.
Does your dog have an unusual safe place?


Patty said...

Ohh look at that face! Adorable. I don't think Sophie has a preference for a hiding place. She usually is sprawled out on the couch or on the rug lol.

Ronalyn said...

Esa always sits in the staircase when I vacuum. I consider it her perch - where she can see the vacuum but knows it won't "get" her. Funny thing is, she didn't used to be afraid of the vacuum.

Zed could care less about the vacuum.