Saturday, August 13, 2011

Da Boyz

I thought the bun boys were looking cute, so I snapped a few pics of them.  They do really cute things all the time, but when the camera comes out they run over to me looking for treats.  I snuck up on them and used the zoom.  Sneaky.

Look at Tansy's (brown one) tail!  I love it when they stretch completely out with their front legs straight out and their tails flat out behind them.  I haven't been able to catch them doing that and take a picture - YET.

Bunnies don't really make any noises, but I can tell what they are thinking by the position of their ears.
In this pic - "What?  Do you need something?"


House of Carnivores said...

Aww, sweet pics. :) I have animals like that in my house - they do TONS of cute things, but nothing ever gets on photo because when they see me they stop doing it.

jet said...

such cute buns!! my favorite thing about bunnies though is how they wash their faces!