Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lesson for August

We had another good lesson at Loretta's.  I have a lot of stuff to work on:
1- Be more exciting.  Like crazy, but not too crazy.  No mosh pit.  Just fun.
2 - Work on handling - dog side, arm side.  Don't randomly switch arms.
3 - Crate training.  Already worked on this some when we got home.  Later I caught Tibby going into the crate by herself to check for a snack.  Have I mentioned before how manipulative she is?  She barks I jump.  Not any more - at least if I can tell when I'm being manipulated LOL!
4 - Switching from lots of treats to just kibble.  Building some drive.  Also probably healthier. 

I thought Tibby did pretty well today.  It wasn't as horrible as last time :) 
First Tibby had a little crate training in the ex-pen, so Loretta could see if Tibby was demand barking or if she had separation anxiety.  She was demand barking.  I think that she does have some SA when she can't see me, but mostly she just barks because she wants to be let out.  And it has worked before.
Then we did the sequence from week 2 of the ST foundations class.  Then we did running on the plank.  Then running through the tunnel and running on the plank.  Tibby really likes to run on the plank.  Except where I messed up and rewarded her, which distracted her from driving forward - Tibby did great.  I think if someone else were training Tibby she would have an easier time learning.  Oh, well someday I will catch up to Tibby :)

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