Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dog Park Playdate

A friend from work and I met at the dog park for a play date with our pups.  It was really fun.  We had the park to ourselves for the first hour and 1/2.  Then the woman with 9+ dogs showed up.  The same woman from This Day.  Yes the same dog was there.  It didn't chase us again - by itself.  Seven of the dogs got together in a pack and chased Tibby.  It wasn't nice and so we left the dog park.  Cleo, my co-worker's dog is only 10 pounds and she would have been a little snack for the pack.  Tibby likes to be chased and chase, but when the pack chased her I could tell it was different (not play).  She had her tail down and the fur down her spine was straight up.  She was acting stressed and she wanted to be picked up.

I'm not exactly sure how many dogs she has, because she was at the far end of the park with a few (on leash) and then the rest were running in a pack, but I counted 9.  If you have 9 dogs - fine, that's great for you - but have some control over them or at least watch out that they aren't chasing/ growling/snapping/barking at other dogs and people.  The dog park is huge - 4 acres at least and she was at the far end of it, while her dogs were at the other end of the park.  When we left the park, her fox hound and jack russell were trying to get out of the gate with us.
Ok rant over - on to the pictures.

Cleo, Cesar and Tibby.

"Mmmm smells stinky!"

Cleo likes to have her back rubbed.  Cute!

Run Tibby!  Run!

Rest time.  It was warm out there.

Tibby and Cesar.  I discovered how difficult it is to take pictures of black dogs.

This was one of the woman's dogs.  This one didn't chase Tibby.  It was a nice dog.

Right after I took this picture the pack came running over a hill and chased Tibby.  It was scary, because they chased her around a corner.  Also, very frustrating, because there isn't a lot you can do against a fast pack of dogs. 

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