Thursday, July 28, 2011


We ran into another loose dog today! :(  This one was really scary.  We were at the park working on the 100 Jumps and after that I took Tibby for a little walk around the park.  I wanted to take some pictures of her.  The park is 55 acres.  There were 2 people walking with about 6 or 7 dogs off leash near the far side of the park, across 4 soccer fields and a baseball diamond.  They were letting the dogs swim in the lake.  Fine.  Great.  Whatever.  I was taking some pictures of Tibby in a little rose arbor and then we started to go back to the car.
Out of no where a huge, muscular brindle dog with a docked tail comes running toward us - full speed, head lowered, ears back and teeth showing.  I scooped Tibby up and the dog circled around us.  I kept turning to keep facing it, because it kept circling around us.  It started to come in fast again and I stepped into it and yelled, "NO!!  GO!!"   I may have also kicked at it. 
It turned away and then ran back to the group of dogs by the lake.

I'm glad I picked Tibby up, because it seemed to make the dog rethink what it was doing.  Even though the 2nd time it came toward us it looked like it was going to jump up toward Tibby.
During the whole thing Tibby just sat in my arms.  I think she was a little confused.  She did not try to chase after the dog when I finally set her down, so maybe she could tell that it wasn't a friendly dog.

The dog easily weighed more than me, so if it had jumped I wouldn't have been able to stopped it.  It not only wasn't on a leash (which is the posted park rule), it also didn't have a collar on. 

The scariest thing was the way it looked - focused - on Tibby.  Not A Fun Day.

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BZ Training said...

Hate off leash dogs. Hate, hate, hate.

I don't care if you think your dog is friendly.
I don't care if there aren't many dogs in the park.
I don't care if you are 100% sure your dog will recall.

Leash the darn dog if there are signs saying the dog should be leashed when walking in residential!

So sorry you had a scare, so glad it all turned out OK