Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tunnel and RC Practice

My parents came over yesterday and I had them help me with Tibby's "tunnel trouble". My Mom restrained Tibby once and then Tibby had the tunnel figured out. My Mom kept saying, "What was the problem? She goes through the tunnel just fine." Then I showed her the previous video with Tibby going in and out of the tunnel, but not through. She thought it was funny.
Then we had a little 'discussion' about how Tibby is not a border collie. Yes Mom.  I've noticed that. LOL!
My Mom doesn't think any other dogs besides border collies can do agility. She thinks they are just naturally better at it and Tibby is a Tibetan Terrier, so she won't get it. Can you imagine how upset I get when she tells me that? Really upset.
This has been an issue every since I started playing around with Tibby and agility. My Mom thinks it's a waste of time and 'not fair to make Tibby do something she doesn't understand'. No matter how many times I explain that it takes lots and lots of time to train a dog for agility - she just doesn't believe me. She always ends up saying, "But she's not a border collie." Really?
So we don't talk about agility/training Tibby very much. Ah! Silly Mom! It's Ok she's my Mom and I'm used to her. :-)

Anyway.....about this video. It was hot and there were fireworks going off in the neighborhood, but i think Tibby did pretty well. I think she likes an audience. ;)
Also, we did a little running on a plank, but Tibby had to go potty and I didn't realize that that was the issue until we were done. So she walked a few instead of running. It was fun running around for a few minutes. But so HUMID! Bleh!


Sagira said...

Tibby likes the right side of the tunnel better. Keep up the work. Sagira is proof dogs other than BC can do agility. :)

K-Koira said...

You should show her some videos of Tibetan Terriers competing in agility- successfully. My friend's Tibetan Dharma is a great agility dog.

andypal said...

check on Facebook with Penny Publow-White. She has done TT agility for years.

Catalina said...

yeaaah I've shown her videos of other dogs/types of dogs. I'll have to show her some of TTs.

She says, "Yeah those dogs can do agility, but see they are shepard/sheepdog/poodle/retriever/terriers not Tibby."

It's not SO annoying, because she's my Mom - I'm pretty sure everyone's mom says silly things every once in a while LOL!