Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garden Grows

The garden is growing!  The plants are much bigger and green, green, green!

"Cheese!  No really, I better be getting cheese for this...."

Tibby was watching the fish in the pond.

I don't think she knew there were fish in the pond.

"Hello pretty flower."

Catty wants some cheese too.  This is how a cat begs.  :-)

"Dog sat here and got cheese - so where is my cheese?"

If you want to see more of the garden click here Garden Update.  Tibby is only in 50% of those pictures LOL!  She sneaks into the background when I'm not looking!

1 comment:

Anna the GSD said...

I"m impressed you have a garden...the poor flowers mom planted earlier are still "there" but surrounded by weeds. Way to step up mom!