Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Heel and Side Practice

We are still working on heel and side.  We are about 3 lessons behind everyone else in the class.  I can see a big difference in the 2 halves of the video.  The first part is from June 20th and the second half is from yesterday July 4th.

Also, the 1st one is outside, so Tibby was a little bit more distracted.  She was really excited to work yesterday - you can see her little tail wagging!  She was so excited that she couldn't remember what to do at first.  Then she decided to change things up at the end - heeling was just so boring.

I don't think we are ready to fade the perch yet, but I am still waiting to see what Silvia says.  More practice, but maybe by the end of summer we will have it.

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