Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend At Woof Dah

Look at these awesome pictures the staff at Woof Dah took of Tibby this last week-end!  They are SO CUTE!  I LOVE them! 

Tibby made a little friend!  When I dropped Tibby off I thought that this Wheaten Terrier looked like someone Tibby would like to play with.  Right size.  Right fluffiness.  Right color.  She likes fluffy white boys - LOL!

Look at her go after that bone!  I didn't know she would do something like that.  Too cute!

Awwww!  So sweet!  Like the Lady and the Tramp, but with a bone :-)

Tibby's report card. 
Every time I got a second to check the web cams the dogs were all in the Slumber Bay getting ready for bed.  I saw that Tibby had a favorite spot to sleep on one of the low beds.  Last night I couldn't find her for at least 20 mins.  Then I saw her get up and go find the Wheaten (Clover).  Then they both went back and snuggled on the bed.  Tibby's got a boyfriend....Tibby's got a boyfriend....
Tibby is so tired. 
When I went to pick her up, I could see her asleep on one of the beds in the play room, from the front desk. 
One of the workers went to get her and was like, "Come on Tibby.  Let's go!"  She flopped over on the cushion!  He had to carry her like a baby.  ha ha! spoiled much?

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