Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wet But Fun Lesson

I'm writing this so I don't forget everything from our lesson today.  It might not be all that interesting to anyone else :)

Great lesson even though it was raining.  We were soaking!  Tibby had an amazing (probably her best ever) recall - she was sniffing some bushes and whipped around when I called her and came (running!) right away.  She also did a good job of coming in for a hand touch when she was zooming around.  Progress!!  Amazing!!  Tibby is SO SMART!

I used a new treat today - peanut butter in an old toothpaste tube.  Worked really, really well.  Love it!
First we worked on the tunnel.  Things to remember - Go slowly - small changes (moving/bending tunnel) and work until Tibby is comfortable.  No pushing Tibby in the tunnel!  Let her think it out - be patient.  Don't say oops! :)  Verbal praise when she goes in and while she is in the tunnel. 

Then we worked on this from the 2nd lesson of the ST foundation class.

Yes!  Really!  We worked on it!  When I asked Loretta if she thought we could do it, I thought she was going to say, "Ha! ha! Um, nooooo."  But we did it!  We did the first 4 parts and Tibby did a great job.  This next week Tibby and I will work on the first 4 parts together and I (just me not Tibby) will work on handling the last 4 parts.  Then when I can do the whole thing by myself I'll add Tibby and try the last 4 parts.  It was really, really fun.  I didn't think it would work, but we did it!  Tibby is really smart.  I stood by the first jump, without saying anything and Tibby just jumped right over it - it helped that Loretta had added a few extra bars to the jump, so Tibby couldn't knock it down. :)

I have to remember - Tibby is sensitive to pressure - no pushing or rushing.  Patience!  Stop comparing Tibby to anyone else's dog.  Tibby will do what she wants when she wants to, so why stress her (and myself) out about something that is uncontrollable.  Don't bore Tibby with reps of boring things - make it fun, so she wants to do it.   The MOST IMPORTANT thing:  We are making progress everyday! :)

I love having lessons! 

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Sagira said...

Just keep at it. It will all seem to just click on day and you will be shocked at how far she has come. :)