Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hospital Sun Fun

It was only about 80F today! Whew! Felt great! After work I went home and picked Tibby up. I took her back to work with me. We stood in front of the hospital and my coworkers came out to play with Tibby. Tibby isn't a baby any more, so I can't really take her inside any more - unless she gets to be therapy dog someday - ha ha ha sorry I am so funny! Maybe when she is much, much older.

Anyway, I passed out treats to my friends and they made Tibby do tricks for treats. She was more interested in watching all the people walking into and out of the hospital. I could just see her little brain turning, "I don't know what this place is, but there are so many people here. I LOVE IT!!!" She got to watch a bus pull up 5 feet away from us and people with canes and wheel chairs. There was also a street fair going on a block away. I didn't take Tibby to the fair - maybe next week. She did do some tricks for them, but she was getting hot, standing in the sun, near the end of our visit. They kept saying, "Tibby, Tibby, Tibby!" and she was ignoring them. She is very good at doing sit. Even when her brain is going 100 million miles an hour she can do a sit and hold it for close to a minute.

Of course, my co-workers all loved her :) And 3 different people walking by asked what kind of dog she was.....I wish I had been keeping track of how many people ask me that question. It has to be close to 100 by now - or maybe more?

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