Sunday, November 20, 2011


Daily Dog Challenge 11/11 - "Personality"
We all have things we love about our dogs. Take a photograph today that captures your dog's personality or an aspect of it.

Every trail is Tibby's catwalk.  Tibby struts her stuff and woos squirrels from the trees.


Tibby has SO much personality!  It was hard to decide on what kind of picture to take.  Rolling on her back?  Chasing Catty?  Zooming?  Sleeping? 
If she didn't have so much personality I wouldn't have so many pictures of her!  Right?  ha ha

"I will have cheese....cheeeeese."

"Strolling along, with a leaf on my is just a walk in the woods."

"Come on Mom!  Just one more trail!"

I took all of these pictures on the same day.  It's interesting to see the different types of habitat (?) we walk through.  Grassy fields, pine forest, leafy tree forest.

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Sagira said...

Great photos that truly show Tibby :)