Monday, November 21, 2011


"Still Waiting"

Daily Dog Challenge - 11/12 - "Vintage"
Make a vintage style photo of your dog. You can use props, processing or anything else you like to make the photo look vintage.

This photo is brought to you by the trick 'be shy'!
 Yes, the stone was freezing cold - it was about 25F.  Ah, the power of cheese.  Tibby will do whatever if a piece of cheddar is offered in exchange.
I was also very brave and took off her collar and leash for this picture.  We were in a lovely furry animal filled forest, so I had a good reason to be afraid she would run off.  BUT she didn't!  Go team cheddar!

"Come Home"

Faithful Tibby waits for someone to come home and light the fire in the hearth.

I, of course, didn't just take one picture!

Tibby was such a good girl.

I think it's amazing I got this much light. The sun was going down and this fireplace was in a dark stone building, but the sides were open. It was a picnic shelter.

Be Shy! 
"Ok, Mom!"

I also liked this picture a lot!  Tibby doesn't even look real.  What an elegant model.

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scotsmad said...

Great backdrop. What a good girl Tibby is being. Really love the first picture.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy