Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shopping Special and The Lookout

*disclaimer* I know plastic bags are dangerous for pets.  I watched Catty the whole time, so she wouldn't suffocate herself.

I got a special at Catmart today!  Buy a bag get a free cat!

"Can I keep this bag furever?"

"Shhhh, no dogs allowed in this secret hideout."

"You're letting all the heat out of my sauna!"

"What?  I like plastic bags.  Ok?

Meanwhile..........Tibby was on lookout duty.  She likes to watch the neighbors.  Yes, I have a peeping tom dog.  Her favorite time to watch them is at night.  I don't feel bad for them though, they're the ones who won't put curtains up!  They 'like the open look'.

This is my NIC panel fence that I made to keep Tibby from going into the middle of the yard and sitting there barking until I come out.

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Caren Gittleman said...

your cat and dog are ADORABLE!! Love these photos!