Friday, December 31, 2010

Upset Tummy

Tibby woke up this morning with an upset tummy and the dreaded diarrhea.
It's probably from the new bones, because she hasn't had anything else new. I haven't even been training her with hot dogs or turkey lately, so I can't blame them.
One positive thing: She asked me to go outside.  I didn't have to read her mind - progress!  She has the strangest way of asking to go outside.  She goes to the front door, so I will let her out of the back door.  Whatever works.  When I first brought her home we never went out the back door, because it was a big mud pool, but now that it has been frozen and covered with snow for the last 3 months I always let her out the back door to potty.  It's convenient for me, because the backyard is fenced in, so I let her go out by herself.  Yes it's true! At 4am I really don't want to go outside with her in the snow!
That pic above is an old one from a couple months ago.  Tibby is not sick enough to slow down.  She is chasing keeping an eye on Catty, the neighbors and the bunnies.
Actually, for the past 3 days she has been a stinker with the bunnies.  Up until now she was really nice, just watching them in their room.  She likes them, but she wasn't obsessed with them.  Then last week Tansy jumped the fence, while I was at work, and took a field trip to the dining room.  Tibby was of course, very interested.  Now she wants to get into their room all the time.  The bunnies don't care, but she bangs against their gate and it is very annoying!  I think I might try a Scatmat in front of the gate.

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Caren Gittleman said...

hope Tibby is feeling much better now!