Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long Walk - Part I

I went on a long walk with Tibby today.
A friend and her dog, Zoe, came along too.
It was fun!  The pups played and played and then played some more.
We walked for 4 hours!
The whole point was (other than giving the girls a nice walk) to find 5 geocaches.
We searched for 4 and found 2.
I guess we'll just have to go back and find the other 3.

My friend and Zoe looking for the first geocache.

"Can I eat you?"

"Hey!  Were'd she go? I was just kidding!"

"Ha ha!  It's opposite day! I'm gonna eat your ear!"

Zoe's cute little tail.

Go girls! Go!

I really like this pic.

"Let's go!"

"Yeah! Let's go!"

It was such a nice day.  Warm in the 60's with a slight breeze.
Is this Minnesota?

"We are running away!  Hurry up!"

Zoe's tail again.

Zoe's tail a third time!


Two scent hounds.  LOL!

"Here we come!"

Check out Tibby's mustache.
She found some mud.

Zoe, "I'll go across first, 'cause I'm older and braver."
Tibby,  "Your not that much older!"
Zoe, "Yeah, but I'm braver!"

Flying dog ears!

Run Zoe!  There's a lion chasing you!

Tibby looks so evil in this pic. :P

Tibby, "I think I should go back now."

Tibby, "Yeah, I'm outta here!"

To be continued...................................

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