Sunday, November 7, 2010

So Far

I started clicker training Tibby on Wed.
I bought a clicker training book while Tibbs was at her orientation day at Woof Dah!
So far it has been going really well.
We started out with down, because:
1-Tibby had a really hard time with down in Beg. obedience.
2-The book suggests you start with down.
Now, she lies down whenever she sees the clicker OR she can't figure out what I'm asking her to do OR if I have a really tasty looking bit of food in my hand.
So far, so good.
How do I get her to give me other behaviors that I can click?
She just wants to lie down. Every. Single. Time.
I've tried adding a hand signal, but it isn't the standard obedience hand signal.  I just point at the floor with one finger.
The standard one doesn't make any sense to us.
One arm pointing straight at the ceiling?
Maybe a few of these questions will be cleared up when we start training again in 2 weeks.
With a new instructor.
I'm a little afraid that she will be anti-clicker, but I really LOVE the clicker.
Tibby has learned how to touch a target stick (still lying down, of course) with her nose. 
I'm hoping to start shaping that into more clickable motions.
Today we started practicing loose leash walking.
Lets just say I ran out of treats before Tibby really 'got it'.

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