Saturday, November 27, 2010

Visit To Grandma's

Today I took Tibby to visit my Grandma and Grandpa.
They have a cat named Rata.  She was NOT impressed with Tibby.  Tibby couldn't figure out why Rata didn't want to play.  Catty plays with her - why didn't Rata like her?  It was so confusing for Tibby.  For her efforts to make friends, she got a nice smack across the nose from Rata.

Rata- Tibby.

Tibby - Rata.

"You are an evil dog."

"Awww shucks, I'm not evil."

"Where's she going?"

"Hello again!  Do you want to play?"

"Are you sure?  You look like you want to play."
"GO AWAY!!!"

"Really?  You don't want to play?  How 'bout if I just sniff you a little?"

"Please GO AWAY!"

Grandma and Tibby.
"Kiss!  Kiss!"

Grandpa and Tibby.

Look how big Tibby is in these pics!

She looks like a giant dog!

Thank goodness for rawhide.  Tibby is chewing on a bone in this pic - not my Grandpa's foot!

Tibby settled down to chew her bone.  It only took 4 hours for her to settle down.

"Who?  Me?  I'm chill."

Tibby had a busy weekend.  She played with people from 10 to 87 years old.  She took orders from an 11 year old.  It took her a while to understand that I wasn't giving her the directions, she had to pay attention to someone else, if she wanted a treat.  Once she understood she was 100% on all her commands. 
She also took 2 long car trips.  Tibby is a very good traveler.  I wouldn't think twice about taking another long trip with her.  She curls up on the backseat and goes to sleep or she chews on her bone.
I brought her new puzzle food ball with us to my Grandma's house.  It kept Tibby entertained for a while, until my Grandpa felt sorry for her and opened it to give her all the treats.  I couldn't get him to understand the concept of a food dispensing treat ball!


CindyLu's Muse said...

That's a grandpa for you - spoiling the kids to the bone! lol Looks like it was fun!

Yuki n Joyce said...

Hi there! Tibby is a big dog! I thought she was small terrier of some sort from the first few pictures haha.

Popped by your other blog as well, might just try baking those pita biscuits later:P

Sue said...

She's being so good. Too bad the cat wouldn't be a little nicer to her, but it's a lesson we all have to learn. Not everybody appreciates our enthusiasm.
Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

Miss Kodee said...

Ah Tibby and Becky would be something together! 4 hrs is about Becky's speed too.

Three Dog Days said...

Tibby does look big in the photos. My TT Fancy is big also. How much does Tibby weigh and do you know how tall he is? I love his coloring. Very pretty.

Catalina said...

At the vet last month she was 15lbs and she's about 16 inches tall. She turned 7 months yesterday.
I met someone in Sept. that has a TT and they said, "That's a TT? Wow either she is a giant or we have a mini sized one."
I guess 17 inches is the top of the breed standard, so she isn't really that gigantic...yet.

Three Dog Days said...

15lbs? She looks bigger than that! I didn't realize she is still so young! My TT is 19 inches tall (outside standard) and 30 pounds. I know an extra small TT possibly undersized that jumps 12 inches in agility. I met a breeder who told me one of her pups ended up looking like a bearded collie puppy it was so big!

Catalina said...

I remeasured her using a better method. She's about 14.5 inches tall. Are Fancy's back legs taller than her front legs?
If she doesn't grow too much more I would like to try Teacup agility. There are a couple small dog agility groups here in MN that hold trials.