Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just a Pup Post #1 - HELP!

Awww, so sweet aren't they?
So why do I need a blog just for Tibby, my Tibetan Terrier puppy?
I already have one blog - Dust Bath
Well, I feel like Tibby is taking over MY blog.  Some people might not like dogs.  A few months ago I sure wasn't interested in reading a dog blog. 
I somewhat/mostly/totally obsessed with my puppy.
I still have other things to write about.
It's time for Tibby to get her own blog. 
Tibby is tough.  She is tough to train.  A tough to train teen-aged Tibetan TERROR.
I'm hoping, if I post a few things about my training and trials with Tibby, the dog training experts out there might give me a few ideas.
If you still need convincing about the above angelic-looking Tibby see her devilish side BELOW:

Catty and Tibby
They're like this everyday.  Literally at each others throats everyday.  Everyday.

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