Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Books Are Here!

These are the two books I ordered.  They finally came today.  I started to read both of them at the same time, 'erm that isn't working so well.  But I want to know everything right now!  Tibby isn't getting any younger! 
 I ordered some Zuke's Mini Naturals at the same time.  They are really great.  I cut them up into itty bitty bites for training Tibby.  She LOVES them.  I also bought some of the cat treats for Catty.  She LOVES them too!  She is a very picky eater, so they must be delicious.
Yesterday was a good potty day.  There were zero accidents and so far today there have been zero accidents, but it is only 1pm. :S
It is also snowing.  Tibby loves it.  She thinks the house is way over heated and I should let her sleep on the deck outside. 
Also, I found a tick on her yesterday evening.  It was on her neck and had some blood in it.  I used the little chart the vet gave me and it looked like a dog tick.  Weird thing: it was sucking exactly in the spot that I put Frontline.   

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