Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tibby's Bed

I bought a child's mattress at Ikea for Tibby.
It was in the reduced price section, cost $25 and has a removable/washable cover.
It's great because, I can snuggle with her and there is plenty of room for all of us (including Catty, the bunnies aren't interested :P ).
Tibby isn't allowed on my bed, so far she hasn't made a rule about me in her bed. LOL!
Just for a comparison the brown dog bed on the left cost more than $45.  It supposedly has 'orthapedic stuffing'.  We both like the Ikea bed better.

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Muttsandaklutz said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day, nice to hear from you. I love love LOVE that photo in your blog header -- sooooo sweet! Have a wonderful time raising your little girl -- she looks like a lot of fun. :-)