Saturday, November 13, 2010

Clicker Practice

So we have been practicing with the clicker.  So far we have practiced: Leave it, down, sit, stand (on hind legs), high-five, eye contact, sit on a mat, loose leash and I'm trying to get her to come to me, go behind me and sit on my right side (whatever that is called).
I'm having a lot of fun.
And I think Tibby likes it too.  Especially the treats.
I'm trying to practice everything in different places and with me sitting on the floor, on a chair or standing. 
I was at my parent's house tonight and my Mom was teasing me, because I was talking to her and click/treating Tibby for different things.  Hey!  I can multi-task.
Tibby has a lot of trouble when people come into the house - she wants to jump on them and lick them.  This evening we did a little trial.  I had my Mom come into the house and I had Tibby rotate between down and sit on the mat.  It worked pretty well!

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