Friday, November 19, 2010

Haircut Time

Tibby had a haircut today.


Her groomer is great!  I think she does a very nice job.  The first time I took her I was very nervous that she would want to shave Tibby.  I didn't want that, because I love her beautiful fluffy hair! 
She gives Tibby a bath, brushes her out, gives her a little trim, cuts her nails and cleans her ears and teeth.  She comes home smelling slightly minty, but NOT like a bottle of perfume.  I think she is an awesome groomer.  I want to take Tibby every 2 weeks, but unfortunately Dirty Dogs is very busy and you have to make an appointment waaaaay in advance.  Anyway, Tibby doesn't really need to be groomed that often.
I asked the groomer to cut the hair around Tibby's eyes short.  It's hard to work on eye contact when you can't see any eyes!


Kristin G. said...

Looking good Tibby!! It's nice to get cleaned up right before the holidays. :)

Oskar said...

Tibby looks lovely!

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Nubbin wiggles,