Friday, November 12, 2010

Four Steps Back

Remember when I said Tibby was potty trained?  Well, she wanted to prove me wrong or show me that bragging is a bad idea!
For the past 3 nights she has pooped in the bedroom.  She used to wake me up in the night and I would let her out to potty.  Last night I tied a four foot leash to my arm.  I was hopping this would keep her from her favorite poop spot by the door.  I didn't think she would poop on her bed and I thought if she was restless I would feel the pulling and wake up.  It worked!  I woke up about 4 times and took her outside.  Was she ever crabby!  She wanted to sleep and I kept taking her outside.
In the morning, just as I started to congratulate myself on my brilliant idea, she pooped in the kitchen.  She had just come in from outside. 
What is going on?
I had originally thought it was because I was free feeding her.  She was (still is) a very sloooooow eater.  She will take a bite and walk around the house chewing it.  So I started to only feed her when she works.  When we get back from a walk, she gives me eye contact or follows a command then she gets fed. 
Then I thought maybe I was feeding too many small meals during the day.  So, I have been trying for the last 2 weeks one large meal at 3pm after our long walk.  She gets treats in the morning and evening when we are practicing our clicker training.  I thought this was working - she was excited to work and she ate her food better, not as much walking around chewing, but now she is pooping inside again! 
This is so frustrating!
I've never potty trained a puppy, so is this normal?
She's six months old!
What am I doing wrong?

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