Friday, November 19, 2010

Wish List

Affordable Agility sent me an email with a bunch of sale items.  Such temptation!
This is my Wish List:

So what's on your wish list?
If you could have only one item, which would you get?

The picture on top is Tibby going through the tunnel I bought at Ikea for her on Nov. 3rd.  It's just a kids tunnel, but it's pretty nice.  To introduce Tibby to it I left it set up in the dining room for about 3 days and put a bunch of treats inside it.  Then gradually I started throwing her toys inside it.  At first she would go to the opposite end of the tunnel, hoping that they would roll out to her.  Then she started going a few feet inside it to retrieve a toy.   Finally I started to C/T her for going inside it.  Now she runs through it when I say 'tunnel' and I C/T her for coming out the other end.  I try to keep her excited and moving fast through the tunnel, so she doesn't get bored.


Crystal said...

You know... you can make a lot of this stuff with just PVC pipe for super cheap. Google DIY Agility. You should be able to find (or figure out) directions for the jumps, weave poles and even the tire jump. (I think I'd use a hula hoop in place of the tire. Or maybe an actual bicycle tire.)

Catalina said...

Yeah that's true. I had a little accident this summer trying to get PVC pipe home in my tiny car, so I might have to get my Dad to help me with his truck. Hmmmmm, maybe he would make them for me!