Saturday, January 7, 2012


I'm feeling very disappointed in Tibby's recall today.  I know that:
1- It's my fault for feeling upset 
 2 - My fault for not having her on a long line
3 - My fault for not controlling the situation and
4- giving her too much freedom before she was ready.

But that still doesn't make me I feel better about it.

I went for a hike with my Mom, a friend and my friend's dog, Zoe.  Tibby was doing some pretty good speedy recalls through out the hike.
Then near the end of our hike my Mom, my friend and Zoe got farther ahead and I stopped to scrape some nasty wild animal poo off of my shoe (brand new shoes too!).  Tibby was running between us - recalling to me for a cookie.  Then she stopped coming back to me.

So I'm walking to where they are waiting for me.  My Mom has Tibby by the collar and they are talking to some other hikers who also have their dog by the collar.  The other hikers pass me with their dog and I'm still walking toward my Mom, Tibby, ect.
I'm about a football field away from my Mom, and the hikers are about a football field behind me (also around a curve in the path), when my Mom lets Tibby go.  Tibby runs full speed past me and to the hikers.  There was no possible way that I could have stopped her (unless I had been smart and put a long line on her).  So she goes up to them and sniffs the dog.  I call her, she doesn't come.  I start to go and get her and she finally comes, but only after one of the hikers accidentally (I think) steps on her foot and makes her squeal.  So she runs to me, gets a cookie and put back on leash.
I am......not happy.

Of course, my friend had to point out that Zoe didn't care about the strange dog at all and stayed with them/didn't run off.  Whoo hoo for Zoe. 
Zoe the dog who eats poop and resource guards everything in the world.  Who doesn't know how to sit and is terrified of everything in the world.
*sarcasm* I'm so impressed. 
And sad.
My Mom said she let Tibby go, because she thought Tibby was so attached to me she wouldn't run to the other dog.  Yeah......right.

So I feel like what's the point.
All of our training and Tibby has so little value for me. 
That makes me very sad.
If I can't teach Tibby to recall then....what's the point in training anything else?
I feel betrayed.
I'm sure I'll get over it, but right hurts.

I thought you loved me?


scotsmad said...

Bella always back tracks. You'd think we'd learn, but she is sooooo cunning. She's also good at coming for a treat, getting it and running off.

Tibby will get it soon.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

Steffi, Lax och Wan said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have a terrier- a american stafforshire terrier. And I believe it's just "a terrier way to act". My guy is one year old and was the most amazing puppy: friendly, lovely, playful and I was the most importent thing/person in the world. Then he became a teenager: still friendly but he's a monster! The only thing he see's is other dogs..or people..or birds. It's almost like I'm not importent for him anymore :O But I know(think and hope anyway) that he will outgrow all the stupidity and that none of my training as been for nothing. It's just terriers, I think, they are a bit more dog then other dogs..and they're especially harder to motivate! Keep up the good work! :)

Loretta Mueller said...

Don't you give up, she WILL get it, and you learned from your mistake of not having her on a long line. Both of you are on this journey together, she made a mistake...she forgives you for all of your mistakes, so just keep moving forward!

Everyone says Jack russell terriers are horrendous, stubborn, do NOT have solid recalls, I say bull-pooey!!!! Crackers can call off a rabbit (I know this, he's done it and I expect him to!) just have to believe in your abilities as a trainer and keep trying!

This too will pass. And just remember next time to have the long line :)