Wednesday, September 12, 2012

16 Weeks, 2 Days

Today Dhali is officially the same age as Tibby was when I brought her home.  16 weeks, 2 days old.
Tibby was a good looking puppy!  She was so soft and pretty.
It's hard for me to tell, but I think Dhali is bigger than Tibby was at this age, just going by the toy.  Although, the toy lost some of its stuffing when Tibby ripped out most of the seams.  That's a big difference between the two pups.  Tibby is a toy ripper, even to this day, and Dhali, so far, hasn't shown any interest in ripping up toys.....maybe because that would require him to stop and sit still for a few seconds!

Tibby August 2010

Dhali Sept. 2012

Their coats are SO different.  It's really interesting to see.  Yes, Dhali's 'white' feet are perpetually tan, because he has started a nice collection of holes in the backyard.  Plus he jumps in and out of his little pool between digging frenzies.  Dirt + water = tan feeties.  

At this point in Tibby's life, 16 weeks, 2 days she was starting at zero.  Zero socialization, human interaction, play, training, seeing the world.
And Dhali has 2 months of seeing everything and doing everything he possibly can do (at hyper speed :P).

He is a sweet little guy.
When he gets scared, for example a strange cat was hissing at him, he runs over to me for a little cuddle and then goes back to explore the 'scary' thing.  Sometimes it takes a few back and forth cuddles/exploring before he's brave enough to try and play with whatever it is, but he always eventually tries to play with everything LOL!  I love when he wants to cuddle - so sweet :)

Bonus 16 weeks picture.  He always looks so serious!  And he is the least serious dog EVER.

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Helen said...

I can't believe how dark Tibby was.

We have that same toy.