Monday, September 17, 2012

Beach Baby

I took Dhali and Tibby to the beach at the cabin today.  I was trying to find a calm day, so the waves wouldn't be big and loud.  Tibby is scared of the lake/waves/wind/leaves.  She came out for a while, but she wasn't having very much fun, so I let her wait inside while I played with Dhali.  She did actually come down on to the beach, which is a big change for her.  Before she wouldn't even some down the first step to the beach.

Dhali and I had a lot of fun playing.  We learned a new trick too!  Well, sort of.  Dhali jumps and I catch him!  And I even caught it on video!  He did it a bunch more times, but I edited down the video, so it wouldn't be too long.  There are also a lot of misses in the video LOL!  Sorry Dal-baby.

"Mommy, is the water scary?"

"I'll just stay here for a while."

Instead of going yesterday when it was 80 degrees, I went to day when it was 50 degrees!  It was cold!

Dhali likes to dig holes in the sand!  And eat sand....we had a talk about that.  Apparently sand doesn't agree with him, so he stopped doing it pretty quickly.  Throwing up sand - ouch.

Sandy nose!


He found this black walnut and thought it was his precious.  And then I threw it in the water.....and I had to go get it.

He was doing a cute head tilt, but I missed it!

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