Monday, September 24, 2012

Bite Me In The

Trying 4 feet in a smaller box. This has to be the funniest video of the three. Going to a smaller box didn't go quite how I'd planned LOL! Tibby was being super distracting chasing a mouse or ground squirrel in the bushes, but Dhali stayed with me :) I like to release them to play with each other and then call Dhali back out of play, because he wants to play with Tibby and better I should say when it happens then he just decides to run off - which would make me sad. Tibby pretends like she is not interested in training AT ALL and then tries to distract Dhali and get him to play with her. Not helpful Tibby!! And yeah I could put her away, but he has to learn to work with distractions around eventually.

 Practicing back up. I don't think Dhali needs the wire chute I made, but it helps me to focus on where he's going. Strange, but before I made the chute we weren't making very much progress, but now I think he's getting it!


  Dhali thought it would be fun to bite me in the a**! Really? Perfect timing too little guy *rolling eyes* right before I head out for a Friday night with the girls. I patched it up with duct tape - on the inside of my jeans! And no one even knew it had happened :) Yay for duct tape.

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Helen said...

My problem is a can't train one without the other wanting to do the same thing. Beckett is so insistent on training that I have to put him outside and go to the basement to train Keltic. Dhali is so cute.