Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tricks, Play and 2o2o

Two videos from last Monday.  First Dhali's first time trying to learn 2o2o.  Also in the middle there is a quick little bit of the new trick I taught him.  I point at a foot and he lifts it.  I LOVE how he doesn't get frustrated and give up - he just keeps on trying!  Even when he stops and barks at me, then he will come back and try again.  Usually after a bark break something clicks and he'll do whatever I'm asking for.   This week the foot trick has progressed to a full wave with both feet and next I want to try to get him to drum - he's done it a couple times by accident.  Also his sit up is getting better.
Tibby has been watching him learn this foot trick and now she tries to offer it too :P  They're smart.

2nd video is of us playing with a roll of painter's tape.  He likes to chase it and tug on it.  It was the first thing I could get him to chase and bring back when he was a puppy.  It rolls really nicely and fast, which he likes.

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