Friday, September 28, 2012

Snugga Wugga My Heart

Dhali is turning into such a good cuddle baby.  We have a new routine (when I want to sleep in).  Tibby wakes me up at exactly 2:34am to go outside.  Then at 6:15 exactly, every single day, Dhali wakes me up to go outside.  Then, if I want to sleep in, I leave the back door open (shhh, don't tell the robbers!) and let Dhali have free range to run around in the house or go outside.  Does this make me a bad pet parent?  Maybe.  But after several weeks of only 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night, I had to do something.

It works.  I get to sleep and Dhali doesn't go outside by himself or get into any mischief.  Instead he snuggles with me!  He cuddles up with his head on my arm and looks like a little lima bean tucked against my chest.  Soooo sweet.  And he sleeps there!  He slept there for 2 hours this morning.  He may have slept there longer, but Tibby came up and not so gently flopped on top of him.  He wiggled out from underneath her and snuggled into my back instead.  I think she may be a tiny bit jealous.   

It is SO nice to have a dog that likes to be petted and snuggled.  Tibby gets huffy and leaves if I touch her when she's sleeping.  It's ok if she lays on top of me, BUT I am NOT allowed to move or she will get upset and leave.  Sometimes she will snuggle on the couch, but again I am not allowed to pet her or cuddle her.  She just gets to lay on me.  Rules!  She's got 'em!

Dhali likes to be petted.  He actually pushes into your hand like a cat.  This morning he was snuggling and I played with his ears, paws and teeth - he was totally relaxed.  Such a good puppy!

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joancl said...

Love your blog!

Our 4-year-old TT Harriet sounds so much like Tibby, especially when it comes to sleeping rules.

She will sleep in random places in the house at night, but hardly ever in the bed. Sometimes she demands to sleep outside, even when it's freezing. Usually, we have to let her out at 5 AM and then she'll come back in and sleep in the bed, but only then.

She's quirky, but we love her to bits of course. :)