Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fish, Control and Turns

I started reading Control Unleashed Puppy this last week.  So much good information.  I haven't finished reading it, but I started working on mat work and the whiplash turn.  Dhali gets things really fast.  Tibby needs to think a lot more.  It's exactly the book that I needed for Tibby.  If I can figure out how to teach it to Tibby it would be wonderful.  I'm very curious to see if i can teach her to breath and blink on command.  :)  Sounds kind of hard, but useful.

P.S. Dhali ripped the cover off within the first 5 mins.  I was going to sit outside in a chair and he jumped up and grabbed the book.  I saved the rest of the book, but the cover was in 3 pieces.  It looks kind of rough now!

She has been a lot more eager to have her training session.  When it's Dhali's turn she goes into the bed room and gets up on the bed, but if I don't call her for her turn, she acts very put out and goes into the living room and looks at the training stuff.  I'm not sure why she doesn't want to watch Dhali when it's his turn.  They only get 3 mins. each, so it's not a huge amount of time to wait! 

On Thurs. I stopped giving her the medication the vet prescribed.  Tibby misses her cheese, but otherwise I didn't see any difference in her behavior.  The whole week she has been acting more playful and happy - without the tiny, tiny dose of pain meds she was still happy and playful.  I looked up the dosage for a dog Tibby's size and she was taking 1/2 of the lowest recommended dose. 

Dhali modeling the most popular toy.

This is THE toy of the moment.  Tibby even tugs with Dhali for this toy.  She also chased after it and jumped on me to get it.  It has a rattle AND a squeaker.  Whoa!

Dhali would like to show you his smile.  Soon (very soon) to be replaced with new chompers.  He has been chewing on EVERYTHING.  I give him frozen smelt to chew on.  He likes them a lot and they keep him busy for a few mins. too.  Tibby thinks they're gross.  I really want to get a picture when he has a little fishy tail hanging out of his mouth.  It is SO CUTE!

"Iz throwza toy."

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