Monday, June 13, 2011

Week-end Trip: Part 2

This is Tibby before I dropped her off at Woof Dah on Sat.  I very carefully groomed her, so there wouldn't be a single hair that was even thinking about matting.  I picked her up on Sunday, barely 24 hours later, and she was full of mats.  FULL OF MATS!!!  She got a week's worth of mats in 24 hours.  How.  Is.  That.  Possible!?!
Oh, well I'm hoping that means she had a fun time.  I think they might be from the sprinklers outside or just....what?!?  How does that happen?   I started to work on the ones around her neck, but she is so tired that it is pitiful and I'm just letting her sleep.

At the wedding with my little friend A.  She ended up riding home with us, because her parent's had to drop her sister off at camp.

The beautiful bride and groom.

Zoe's Mom and me.  It was Zoe's Mom's little sister's wedding.  It was a great wedding!
They had an awesome DJ and I danced all night long.  So much fun.  My feet and legs are dead.  So tired Sunday morning. 

A. and Tibby sleeping in the car on the ride home Sunday.

It just gets cuter and cuter!


She woke up and said, "My coat smells like dog."  Tibby does smell like a dog after she has been at Woof Dah.  It's weird.  She never smells like that at home. 

Tibby on my lap now.  See A. in the background? 

So tired.  So messy.  So matty.

We stopped for ice cream.  A. couldn't finish her ice cream.



And finally Tibby's report card from Woof Dah.  Looks like she kept them up all night!  There is a staff person that sleeps with the dogs.  The human has a roll out bed and the dogs have their bunk beds in one big room. 
She always gets 'catch me if you can'.  The number of !!! varies from visit to visit. 
One thing that I really like to see is the difference when I drop Tibby off and when I pick her up.  She is very good about entering a large group of dogs.  If you have ever met Tibby you know that she is not shy, but when she goes into Woof Dah she is very submissive for the first few minutes- low tail/head.  She doesn't go into the group all crazy and jumping every where.  When I pick her up she has a high tail and she is running around with her friends.  It is very interesting to see.

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Schnauzer Days said...

What a lovely couple and you look lovely too :-)
Tibby's weekend away sounds much more fun to us however, how cool is that, staying with lots of other dogs and being allowed to play with them too! Your report card sounds A+ to us Tibby, Dexter would have 20 catch me if you can's and Louis would definitely be a night owl! Dex & Lou x