Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garage Sale

I spent yesterday morning at a friend's house with Tibby.  We were having a garage sale.
It was a great socialization experience for Tibby.  She saw at least 100 new people of all shapes and sizes.  She also saw that not every one wants to greet her.  Some people can walk right by her.  She didn't know that people could resist her cute powers! 

When I was taking this picture a guy asked me if Tibby was for sale.  NO!!!!

Just hanging out.  It was a very nice day.  Cloudy and a little breeze, so nice and cool.  I had a coat on the whole time.  It was great until it started raining pouring after lunch.  We got wet!

"Hello.  I am cute.  Pet me."
If people noticed Tibby (99% did LOL!) they said this, "Oh, what a cute little puppy!  What kind of dog is he?"
Me "She's a Tibetan Terrier."
Them, "A what?"
Me "Tibetan Terrier."
Them confused, "Oh?"
I had the same conversation with 50 people.  My friend that was having the sale said we should just make a sign that said, "I am a Tibetan Terrier.  My name is Tibby. And I am NOT for sale!!"

I had to take this picture, because it proved my friend wrong.  She kept saying that Tibby had a 5 foot rule - she had to be 5 feet from me or she started to freak out.  Mostly the 5 foot rule was true.  If I went to check on something away from the table Tibby would start whining and the farther I got away from her she would start to bark/scream.  But look at this picture!  She is farther than 5 feet away.

Who is that dog on the deck to the left?  Why that's Lucy, Tibby's jogging buddy.  We thought that the girls would both be able to hang out on the deck together, because they interact nicely every morning when they run together.  However, I quickly realized that Lucy does not know how to play nicely.  Tibby was giving her lots of play cues and then back off cues, but Lucy didn't get it.  I decided the play date was over when I saw Tibby telling Lucy to get away from her or play nice, but Lucy kept jumping on her and getting more and more excited.   
  Lucy is way too rough and she doesn't know how to play.  Probably because she has never had the opportunity to play with another dog.  Like ever.  This was her first play date and it lasted less than 3 minutes. 

I look like a puppy!

Lucy is a 4 year old border collie/spitz/farm dog cross.  She recently had all her fur shaved off.  She looks weird now.

"I getz you and you little doggie too."

Lucy is not a bad dog and I think with time and practice she could learn to play nicely with Tibby.  Unfortunately, her people don't have any interest in training her or socializing her.  They think she is an "old dog" and can't learn anything and what is the point she is so old.  She's only 4!

"Why iz you smiling Tibby?"



K-Koira said...

Sounds like a fun day.

I accidentally got my cat Martha at a garage sale by jokingly asking if she was for sale... I couldn't imagine someone getting rid of their pet at a garage sale, and when I heard thats what they were doing, I had to take her home.

Catalina said...

wow! Martha is lucky to have found you. I can't imagine someone doing that!

Sagira said...

Garage sales are so much fun! I bet people did want to buy Tibby. :) Lucy is adorable as well.