Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Tibby just had her first experience with fireworks.  I live near a baseball stadium and today was opening day for the local team.  Half way through our evening walk the fireworks from the stadium started.  We actually had a really good spot to watch them - standing on the street watching between two big trees.
I was the only one enjoying the fireworks.  Tibby had a huge diarrhea and then threw up.  I have never seen her make so much poop at one time.
  She wanted to run away, but she was really pulling hard on the leash when I would start walking.  I was afraid she might hurt herself, because she wasn't just pulling, but running back and forth in front of me.   When I stood still she would stop pulling, so I stood still.  Eventually she just stood and watched the fireworks, but she was still afraid.  When the fireworks were over we walked home.  By the time we got home her tail was up again, so hopefully she will be Ok.

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Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Fireworks can be very stressful on a dog. I recommend for the first 4yrs of her life, whenever she hears a firework shove a cookie in her mouth. And always try to be inside in a quiet room. Firework and then thunderstorm phobias usually start in the first 4yrs of their lives, but generally not in that first year.