Monday, June 20, 2011

Follow Me Game

I was thinking today that I make videos for our Silvia Trkman classes, so why not make them for our Loretta classes?!?! It helps me to have a goal - like making a weekly video of our progress. So here is the first video. This is the follow me game. Tibby is supposed to follow me and not get distracted by everything around us. I think she is doing good at this.
 I only caught her 2 times when she wasn't paying attention. After about 10-15 mins. I was really tired, so I must have been doing it right. We did a little warm-up and then I started taping. I wish I had been taping when I slipped in the wet grass. I bet it was funny! This park is near a busy road, railroad tracks and a bunch of businesses. We had an audience LOL! Whatever. They wish they could run around as crazy as me and Tibby.
Again Tibby had to go potty during our training. She went before we started, but then I guess had to go again. *sigh* Tibbbbby!

I like this game, because agility seems to be one big follow me game, so if we get good at this....
Also, it has helped a lot with Tibby's pulling on the leash. She stays (mostly) right next to me. She's afraid I will run away. Which I totally will do!


24 Paws of Love said...

Very cool! What a great idea taping your practices. Tibby looks like she is doing great. I can't imagine any of my dogs lasting 5 seconds on this test!! BOL!

Sagira said...

Love seeing some other training techniques that people are doing. Looks like she was having fun. :)

Loretta Mueller said...

LOVE IT! :) And don't worry about your audience, they're jealous ;-)