Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week-end Trip: Part 1

We both had a fun week-end.  Tibby went to Woof Dah and I went to a 'stupid' wedding that turned out to be super fun and the best wedding I've ever been to.

This is a picture of Tibby's food all packed up for Woof Dah.  I was bored, sitting in the backseat, for the 2 hour ride.  Tibby wasn't much help, because she slept most of the time!  So I took a lot of pictures. 

Woof Dah gives you 5 Bark Bucks if you pack your food the right way.  I'm not sure what you can get with Bark Bucks, because we have never turned ours in.  Saving ours for a big prize......maybe.  Besides the breakfast/lunch/dinner bags I also sent one bag of just plain kibble labeled "Extra Just In Case".  They sent it home with just 1 Tsp left.  I think I will always do that from now on.  I have no way of knowing how much food Tibby will feel like eating, but if I send extra at least the staff will be able to feed it to her if she needs it.  Also, there was the time when a blizzard prevented me from picking Tibby up on time. 

Back to the boring drive.  Most of the time this was what Tibby did - sleep.


This is Tibby waiting for my Dad to come back from the gas station.

Cute little leg hanging down.  There really wasn't enough room for her in the window.

"Hmmmm.  Is the gas pedal on the right or the left?"

"Ooo!  Is this a Kleenex?!? Yum!"

"If I could reach the pedals we could get this baby back on the, I might be stuck.  Help?"

Fell asleep with her face behind my back.  She slept like this for a long time.

You've heard of bed head?  This is muzzle bed head.


Resting in my lap.  And sleeping.

"Are we there YET!!!???"


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