Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Summer!

Happy first day of summer! 

Tibby knows how to pose.

Scary BC stare LOL! Uh oh!

"You know what I like about you?  You have cheese.  It's a nice quality."

"Soak it all in.  I'm beautiful.  That's right. Diva power!"

We took the posing pictures yesterday.  Good thing too, because this is what most of the day looked like.  Rain.
Also, we spent some time under the stairs in the basement this afternoon, when the tornado warning went off.  Tibby was great about going to the basement.  I put her leash on and she crawled right into the hiding spot.  She sat next to me and she was completely relaxed.  She lay down on the cushion I have to sit on down there and just chilled.   I thought she would be scared - I was!  I don't like tornadoes!

Our first day of wet summer!

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