Thursday, June 9, 2011

Work On

We had another great lesson today.  Lots of stuff to work on, but all things that I think we can get with a little practice.  Loretta got to see Tibby's zoomie skillz LOL! 
Some of Tibby's past zoomie experience if you need a reference point -Boot Camp or Watch Tibby RunRun! Jump!, Zoomies: The Dog Park Edition, Walking On (Lake) Water, Tibby and Zoe Racing, Super Stinky Speed, Long Walk Part 1 ect. ect. ect...... Lots of zoomies.

One thing that I really like about having lessons - having someone else watch us and give me advice.  I like advice :)  At one point Tibby and I were running and I changed direction and Tibby followed me.  I didn't see it, but Loretta did.  That's what Tibby was supposed to do - Yes! Good puppy!  A lot of times after I have taped one of our practice sessions and then watch it, I see a bunch of things that Tibby was doing, but I missed during the session.  Sometimes it's just seeing things from a different angle - floor level vs. me standing up and looking down on Tibby. 

So this next week we are working on creating drive before working, but then not letting Tibby zoom away, so on leash.  I think we will get a lot more done LOL!   And also follow me game thingy - Tibby on the leash I walk/run away and Tibby follows me.  We are going to do this EVERYWHERE!  It doesn't sound hard, but it is something we have to work on.

After our lesson we went to PetCo and the to Petsmart to practice.   PetCo was kind of a bust, because the staff kept coming up to us and asking if we needed help.  When I told one girl that, "We are just looking around and I'm practicing with her (Tibby) walking."  The girl said, "Oh is she new?"  "No, but I like to practice all the time."  Blank stare from the girl.  Don't people ever train their dogs in PetCo?  There was one girl that walked up and knew that Tibby was a Tibetan Terrier (impressed).  Also, there was a woman customer that said she had had a dog that was part terrier and looked just like Tibby only smaller (laughing to myself).  Tibby did get a new plush soccer ball - I felt like a shop lifter with all the staff checking up on us, so I obviously had to buy something, so they would know I wasn't a shop lifter - wow they are so manipulative. 

Then we went to Petsmart.  No one bothered us at Petsmart, so we were able to do some practicing.  There were also 2 dogs in the store, so we worked on Tibby's dog obsession.  I think Tibby did a good job.  There were definitely some moments when she chose to follow me instead of sniffing at everything or trying to play with a dog.  I rewarded those moments really well - jackpot!  At one point we were going to get in line to check out and there was a pug on a flexi-leash already in line.  The owner was totally oblivious and the pug ran over to us - about 10 feet away - and started to play with Tibby.  Well,  their leads very quickly got tangled up, so I untangled them and we walked around a corner and down a few aisles.  Tibby didn't whine/scream to go back to the pug!  She followed along behind me.  I was really surprised. 
We bought some hay for the bunnies and a can of food for Tibby to try Simply Nourish.  I have to go to a wedding this week-end, so Tibby is staying at Woof Dah again.  Last time she lost 5 lbs in 4 days.  Not a happy mamma.  I packed her food last time with canned lamb, kibble, pumpkin, yogurt and some frozen veggies, but she still didn't eat OR she played so much that she lost weight.  Either way.  At home she picks at her food all day, eats from the treat ball or I feed her by hand.  At Woof Dah she has to eat at a set time and she is excited about all of her new doggie friends.  I think I might ask them to give her a little extra time to eat.



Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Lots to work on eh! And a very long day!

I've worked at a few doggy daycares and losing weight is normal as the dogs are so overstimulated, and all but the labs lose their appetite. But 5lbs in one week is way too much. I don't think extra time to eat will help as they usually either eat right away or none at all;, but I would pack along extra yummy food and ask the staff to hand feed her if she's not eating. It's standard practice at a lot of daycare facilities but I don't know about Woof Dah.

scotsmad said...

We bet if you had needed assistance in Petco, there wouldn't have been anyone anywhere!!!

Keep up the good work.

XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

You are having some crazy weather there.

Loretta Mueller said...

I agree with Laura--5 pounds is a LOT of weight to lose :-((

All my dogs eat at set there are 7 of them leaving food out isn't an option or Zip would weigh about 500 pounds! :)

I had a little aussie pup at my house this week...she was an eat all throughout the day type of gal (which her owner knew I couldn't do here when she stayed with me), but within a day she figured out free feeding wasn't going to happen and she was content with "meal times".

I'm very happy Tibby zoomied :) The more things she shows us, the better you can train her :)

Catalina said...

I sent an extra bag of plain kibble and labled it Extra Just In Case. They sent the bag home and there was about 1 Tbs left. I think Tibby just eats more when she is at Woof Dah. I know she runs like a maniac the ENTIRE time she is there.
Zoomies 24/7!!! LOL!!

Yeah I'm glad she zoomied too. I'm not really sure what I'm doing (training with Tibby), so it's nice to have some one that does know! :) Thank you for the help!!