Saturday, January 8, 2011

Walking On (Lake) Water

Today Tibby and I took a walk on the lake.  I hate walking on frozen lakes or at least I used to hate it.  It was a lot of fun today.  Even with snowshoes it is a lot easier to walk on the lake than it is to struggle through the big drifts on the shore. 
Tibby loved it!  She could do tons of zoomies on the lake.  There was so much room to RUN!!!

Above: Lake in Winter
Below: Lake in Summer

This is my favorite picture of the day.  Go Tibby!

Now Tibby is conched out underneath my feet.


Anonymous said...

I bet that would be pretty fun running around on a frozen lake! Cool pictures. Tibby, did that wear you out?

Elyse and Riley

Wyatt said...

Hi Tibby-
Well, aren't you just about the cutest pup in blogville! We don't know any other Tibetan Terriers.
What a nice snowy walk you had :)


Diana said...

Awesmoe picture of Tibby running toward you! Great shot! Diana