Saturday, January 1, 2011

Today's Bow

Tibby taught herself to bow today.  I was working with her on crawl again and she started doing bow, so we went with that.  She does it pretty soon.  I think she is getting crawl too, but it is harder.  She keeps trying to hit me with her paw when she moves forward. 
It is so cold outside!   Brrrr we took a short walk this morning, but not one this afternoon.  Instead of a walk, we played crazy running around the house and hide-and-seek.  Wow, I love this dog. 
I made a bunch of hotdog and turkey ham jerky for our Foundations class on Monday.  I'm so excited!  I had to trade shifts with someone at work and gave up a 3 day weekend, so I could go to the class on Monday.  Really, really excited about the class. 
I wish I could get Tibby in for a hair cut soon.  Her bangs are getting ridiculous.  She won't keep a top knot in, she rubs her head on the couch until it falls out, but she can barely see out of her right eye the hair is so long!  She must be in her teenager stage: hair in her eyes.  As my Mom would say, "Get that hair out of your eyes!"  I wonder if I could mousse her bangs back or a headband?  I already tried hairspray - didn't work.


CindyLu's Muse said...

It's freezing here, too! Definitely an "inside day", CindyLu's hair does that, too, and with all the black, you can't see her eyes sometimes. And same, too, with the top knot - no way! Shame, it would come in sooo handy!
Happy New Year! Congrats on the bow!

Anonymous said...

Yay for new tricks! Congratulations! Crawl was tough for use too, for the longest time Shiva wouldn't do it without a lure in front of her face. Keep it up and I am postive super smart Tibby will get the hang of it.

Yay also for new classes!

Your description of her hair made me snicker. My mom said the exact same thing. I'm sure it's just a phase. Good luck with the mousse!

Catalina said...

The mousse worked! I used mousse and some hair spray. She could see at least. Although, it led to me saying this, "Don't mess her hair up! I just got done mousseing it!"